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domingo, agosto 07, 2005

2007 FITA World Indoor Championships

Open Call for Member Associations/Organizers willing to bid for the 2007 FITA World Indoor Championships

5 August 2005 - The FLTA (Luxembourg Archery Association) has informed FITA that the Member Association is forced to withdraw as organizer of the 9th World Indoor Championships, as they have no guarantees to fulfill the requests to hold this major indoor FITA competition.

FITA accepted this withdrawal and has opened a candidature process for FITA Member Associations/Organizers interested in bidding for this event.

If you are interested, please contact the FITA Event Manager in order to start with the bid document preparation. Deadline for receiving Bids is 15 September 2005.

Contact: Juan Carlos Holgado (FITA Event Mgr) Email:

Tel: 0041 216 14 30 50Fax: 0041 216 14 30 55