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sábado, noviembre 26, 2005

FITA NEWS 25-11-05

FITA opens 1st Training Center

25 November 2005

FITA is breaking new ground in the development of worldwide archery with the opening of its 1st International Training Center. It will open in January 2006 in Cairo (EGY) under the full time guidance of an expert coach, Mr KIM Jeong Ho from Korea.

The center will welcome archers and coaches from numerous countries for specialized training and coaching courses. This will help athletes of developing archery countries to reach the elite level and hopefully qualify for the next Olympic Games.

The location of the center in the Middle East Region, where archery is gaining ground, allows an easy access for archers from at least three continents : Asia, Africa and Europe.This long-term project is a major breakthrough for the FITA coaching and development program and FITA hopes to set new standards for archery in the world.

The Coach:Mr. KIM Jeong-Ho (KOR) is high level archery expert with a long experience with the World and Olympic Champion Korean national team. He will start working from January 1, 2006.Mr. KIM is a 50 years old licensed Physical Education Teacher.

He started archery in 1972. He has been an elite archer and member of many company teams in the Korean league. Mr. KIM started coaching in 1982; he has coached at the following levels University, Provincial, and National.

His student have won several National and international events and records.Mr. KIM Jeong-Ho has written 2 books, included the “The Development of Pre-shooting routines program for Elite archers before competition” (2003). He has also conducted some researches such as “The Electromyogram Analysis on the major muscles” on the basis of comparison & muscle differences between the superior & inferior players. Mr. KIM is married and has 3 children, two daughters and one son.

The Center:In Gizira city, very close to the Cairo district, a field has recently been allocated to archery inside a multi-sport complex located in an Embassy and Consulate neighborhood. The range of the field makes it possible to host official tournaments. Many sports services are available on this Sport complex which is under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sports, who will build a 5 room building behind the shooting line.

Due to the Mediterranean climate, no Indoor hall is required.

Since Cairo is a touristic city, flight connections are available from anywhere at competitive airfare. The airport is only 30 minutes away from the Sport complex with an easy transfer by bus.Accommodation.Just beside the Sport complex there is a new building which is also under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sport.

This is the Youth Leader Training Center with 21 bedrooms. The center offers languages and computer courses, meeting facilities, food services, laundry, sport library, Press conference room, etc…

An office will be reserved there for Mr. Kim as wellAll countries, especially these in the Middle East, are invited to start scheduling their attendance to the 1st FITA Training Center.

Further information on this center and registration process are available from the FITA Development and Training Director, Mr. Pascal COLMAIRE:

Didier Miéville
FITA Communication

sábado, noviembre 19, 2005


1er Simposio Nacional sobre Representaciones RupestresLUGAR: México, MéxicoFECHA: 15 a 18 de Noviembre del 2005

VI Reunion de Antropología del Mercosur (RAM)LUGAR: Montevideo, UruguayFECHA: 16 a 18 de Noviembre del 2005

VI Congreso Internacional de EtnohistoriaLUGAR: Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFECHA: 22 a 25 de Noviembre del 2005

Primeras Jornadas de Antropología Social Del Centro BonaerenseLUGAR: Olavarria, ArgentinaFECHA: 7 a 9 de diciembre del 2005
II Congreso Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades. “Imágenes de la muerte”LUGAR: Mérida, MéxicoFECHA: 13 a 17 de marzo de 2006

III Congreso Internacional Patrimonio Cultural LUGAR: Córdoba, ArgentinaFECHA: 4 al 7 de Mayo de 2006

XXVIII Congreso Internacional de Americanística LUGAR: Perugia, ItaliaFECHA: 4 a 7 de mayo de 2006 LUGAR: Oaxaca, MéxicoFECHA: 25 a 28 de octubre de 2006.

V CIRTUDES - Congresso Internacional sobre Turismo Rural e Desenvolvimento Sustentável LUGAR: Santa Maria , BrasilFECHA: 10 a 13 de mayo de 2006

III Congreso Nacional de Arqueología HistóricaLUGAR: Rosario, ArgentinaFECHA: 18 al 20 de Mayo de 2006 25

RBA - Reunião Brasileira de AntropologiaLUGAR: Goiânia , BrasilFECHA: 11 a 14 de junio de 2006 52 ICA -

Congreso Internacional de AmericanistasLUGAR: Sevilla, EspañaFECHA: 17 al 21 de julio de 2006 ICAZ 2006 -

International Council for ArchaeozoologyLUGAR: Mexico DF, MéxicoFECHA: 23 al 28 de agosto de 2006 II

Simposio Nacional de Arte RupestreLUGAR: Trujillo, PerúFECHA: 12 a 17 de Septiembre de 2006 XVII

Congreso Nacional de Arqueología ChilenaLUGAR: Valdivia, ChileFECHA: 9 a 14 de Octubre de 2006 III

Taller Internacional de Arte RupestreLUGAR: La Habana, CubaFECHA: 20 a 25 de noviembre de 2006

November 16, 2005 - Lausanne, Switzerland

FITA Star 1400 for Park

At the occasion of the 2005 Asian Continental Championships in New Dehli, FITA President Dr. Erdener personally gave the FITA Star 1400 to Park Sung Hyun (KOR).

Park put the world record at an astonishing 1405 pts during a FITA round in a Korean tournament, beating her previous mark of 1388. She was the first recurve archer to break the barrier of 1400 pts. “I am honored to receive this FITA Star from the President Erdener, but I sincerely hope that many more archers will also surpass the 1400 mark soon”, she said.

The men’s recurve world record holder is Oh Kyo Moon (KOR) with 1379 pts. However their round is more difficult, as the men must shoot at 90m targets.

In the women’s compound division, the world record is held by Mary Zorn (USA) with 1401 pts, and in the men’s compound, Roger Hoyle (USA) reached 1414 pts!

domingo, noviembre 13, 2005

Ki-Sik Lee New National Head Coach of NAA


ARCHERY: USA Archery Announces Kisik Lee as National Head Coach
by Mary Beth Vorwerk - USA Archery (719-866-4621)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.- USA Archery, the National Governing Body (NGB) for the Olympic sport of archery in the United States, is pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Kisik Lee, a six-time Olympic Coach, as its new National Head Coach. The National Archery Coach is responsible for the long range planning, development and execution of all facets of the national archery training program. This includes coaching the technical aspects of international level archery skills as well as the related areas of physical training, mental training and other athlete management.

Forty-eight year old Lee, originally from South Korea, brings to the U.S. a tremendous amount of experience as both a competitor and a coach in the sport of archery. Lee was the Korean National Archery Champion in 1975 and 1979 and broke the national record 26 times during his shooting career in Korea. He served as the Korean National Men’s Team Coach from 1981-1984 and again in 1990. He was the National Women’s Team Coach from 1986-1989. Mr. Lee was appointed Korean National Head Coach in 1991, a position he held until 1996. He was an Olympic Coach for Korea in 1984 and 1988 and was Head Coach of the Korean Olympic Team at Barcelona in 1992 and Atlanta in 1996.

Mr. Lee was appointed Australian National Coach and Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Head Coach in 1997. He coached Sydney Olympic Gold Medalist, Simon Fairweather, and other members of the Australian team at the 2000 Games. Mr. Lee coached the Australian team again in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, where Aussie archer Tim Cuddihy won a bronze medal and set an Olympic record score in the semi-finals.

Coach Lee’s archers have won 23 medals in World Championships during the past 15 years. He has never taken a team to an Olympics and not returned with a medal. His athletes have won 9 of the 22 Olympic gold medals awarded in archery in the past 20 years. This is a more outstanding achievement than almost any coach in any Olympic sport.

Coach Lee has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Physical Education. He has served as a director of shooting for major international events, as president, director and chairman of judges for the Korean Archery Association (KAA) and has been a keynote speaker at many archery seminars around the world.

Coach Lee is the author of the popular book Total Archery. He has a son and a daughter who have each graduated from dental school in Australia and a daughter-in-law who is finishing law school.

Coach Lee will assume his duties as the National Head Coach at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. on January 3, 2006.

He and his wife, Ha Park, will reside in the San Diego area.
Mary Beth Vorwerk
USA Archery

sábado, noviembre 12, 2005



04-11 Nov
14th Asian Archery Championships
New Delhi (IND)

28 No -3 Dec
Caribbean Arrows
Varadero (CUB)

28 Nov-04 Dec
23rd SEA Games Archery Tournament
Olongapo (PHI)

9 Jan
Ski Archery World Cup
Krün-Mittenwald (GER)

2-6 Feb
Ski Archery World Cup
Tolmezzo (ITA)

2-6 Mar
Ski Archery World Cup Final
Moscow (RUS)

13-18 Mar
European Indoor Championships
Jaen (ESP)

10-13 May
World Cup****
Porec (CRO)

07-10 Jun
World Cup
Antalya (TUR)

14-17 Jun
6th World University Archery Championships
Vinicne (SVK)

21-25 Jun
World Cup
San Salvador (ESA)

27 Aug-02 Sep
20th World Field Archery Championships& 5th World Junior Field Archery Championships
Göthenburg (SWE)

13-16 Sep
17th European Outdoor Target Championships
Athens (GRE)

Sep (TBC**)
World Cup
TBC (Asia)

15-21 Oct
9th World Junior Outdoor Target Championships& 3rd World Cadet Outdoor Target Championships
Mérida (MEX)

22 Oct
World Cup Final
Mérida (MEX)

01-15 Dec
15th Asian Games
Doha (QAT)


North American Field Archery Championships 2005
Shooting dates:
10-11 December 2005
Contact Person:
John G. Laudicina

World Field Archery Championships 2006
Shooting dates:
11 - 17 June 2006
Wide Bay Archers
Hervey Bay, Qld, Australia

European Field Archery Championships 2006
Shooting dates:
31 July - 04 August 2006


World Bowhunter Championships 2007
Shooting dates:
02 - 06 July 2007







Santa Fe 10 de Noviembre de 2005

Señores presidentes
Instituciones Afiliadas

Con motivo de la visita al país del entrenador Master de COPANARCO Jorge Jiménez, quien además es miembro del equipo Nacional de El Salvador, tengo el agrado de invitarlos al seminario técnico en entrenamiento de alto nivel a llevarse a cabo desde el día 19 al 23 de noviembre de 2005.

Debido al corto plazo que tenemos para realizar los ajustes finales en la organización, se ruega solicitar acreditación y confirmar asistencia antes del miércoles 16 del corriente.

La carga horaria es de 8 horas diarias a partir de las 9 hs para el dictado teórico hasta las 13 hs, y por las tardes, a partir de las 15 se realizarán los ejercicios prácticos en el campo de tiro.

Se llevará a cabo en las instalaciones de la Sociedad de Fomento Martín Miguel de Güemes, cita en El Quebracho y El Choui, Ciudad Evita, Partido de la Matanza.

El viernes 11 se estarán enviando los formularios de inscripción mas el cronograma de actividades.

Es requisito para asistir al mismo tener al día la Matrícula FATARCO 2005 y los cursos previos de Monitor FATARCO y Curso Continental de ODEPA. El costo de inscripción es de $100.-

Para quienes quieran acceder en calidad de oyentes, el requisito es tener al día la matrícula FATARCO 2005 y el costo es de $50.-

En calidad de oyentes pueden asistir tanto monitores FATARCO que no tengan el curso ODEPA o tiradores.

Junto con el cronograma estarán disponibles los costos del curso, comidas y opciones de alojamientos para el mismo.

Solicitamos difundir este comunicado entre los asociados a vuestra institución.

Saludos cordiales,

Esteban J Valdez
Federación Argentina de Tiro con Arco

Datos de contacto:
Tel: 0342 452 5338
Fax: 0342 459 0203
Movil: 0342 154 22 73 91

Información remitida por Luis Ferrari.

FITA NEWS - 10/11/2005

India, China on the rise

India, China on the rise Korea still gets the stronger medals’ share of the Asian Championships.

New Dehli, November 10th, 2005. The 14th Asian Championships in New Dehli (IND) concluded with the team finals and an astonishing upset. In front of an excited crowd, the Chinese women’s recurve team defeated the Korean giant favourites in a breathtaking final. The final score: 237 points for China – 236 points for Korea ! India confirmed its progress taking the bronze medal.The team finals were all shot with the usual head to head match on a 3-3-3 format. The team has 3 archers shooting 3 ends of arrows. Each arrow can bring a maximum of 10 points.

No surprise in the men’s recurve team competition: although the Indian fans cheered as much as they could, the home team could not surpass the Korean powerhouse. Korea won with 251 pts over 243 pts for India. Chinese Taipei took the bronze medal match against Japan.

The men’s team compound division confirmed the raising strength of India. Its archers shot a good 246 pts to take the title before China and Thailand. The Indian coach Sanjiv Singh said: “This result is a great sign of all the improvements in our compound program. We only began one year ago, but our archers start shooting consistently 28-29 points out of three arrows. The support of the home fans was superb for us, although it made the archers feel the pressure. It is good for them to get experience at a high level atmosphere. Our women’s team is getting among the top in the world as well, but they could not compete here due to the lack of competition. Overall, archery is getting big in India and we do a lot with the school kids in the region, setting up low cost programs.â€

Altogether 24 nations and more than 200 archers took part in these Asian Championships, including a nice presence from Iraq.

Korea dominates individual events

In the men’s individual recurve division Im Dong Hyun (KOR) shot an excellent 118 (out of a possible 120 pts for 12 arrows) to take the gold ! He beat his teammate Kim Bo Ram in the final, while Park Kyung Mo completed a Korean “hat trick”. Cheng Wei Kuo (TPE), the winner of the last Universiade in Turkey took the 4th place.

Their women’s counterpart equaled the exploit. The Koreans dominated the field and trusted the podium. The Olympic Champion Park Sung Hyun (KOR) defeated Yun Ok Hee in a close final (110 to 109). The 2003 World Champion Yun Mi Jin took the bronze.

Shuo Cai brought another gold medal to China in these Asian Championship. In a close men’s individual compound final, he defeated Zamaninejad Reza (IRI) with a one point margin. The home favourites Kumar Vivek and Damor Naresch (IND) played each other for the bronze, with the victory being for Kumar.

The Indian compound women team took the 4th place at the last World Championships and they confirmed their giant improvements in the individual event in New Dehli. Handsdah Jhanu won, preceding Sakro Besra and Dhar Bansaralin. An Indian “hat trick" !
Otras novedades de la FITA:
más información:


La Plata, 22 de Octubre de 2005
Sr. Presidente

De nuestra mayor consideración:

Tenemos el agrado de invitarlos al torneo “Dardo Rocha 2005”, homologatorio para la final nacional aire libre y rankeable para el equipo nacional, en las categorías recurvado olímpico y compuesto libre. El torneo será en la modalidad FITA 1440 con eliminatorias solamente para las categorías Senior de FATARCO.

El evento se llevará a cabo los días 12 y 13 de Noviembre en las instalaciones del Parque Ecológico de La Plata, sito en el Camino Centenario y calle 449 Villa Elisa.

Se adjunta planilla de inscripción oficial de FATARCO, la cual deberá ser remitida a con los datos completos, hasta el día martes 8 de Noviembre a las 20 Hs., momento en el que quedará cerrada la inscripción.

El día jueves 10 de Noviembre, los clubes recibirán la confirmación de la inscripción, junto con información de Nro. de blanco y diámetro del mismo en la primera distancia, correspondiente a cada tirador.

Quienes no hayan sido inscriptos oportunamente, no podrán hacerlo al momento del torneo a no ser que se produzca una vacante en la categoría en que desea participar.

El pago de la inscripción estará a cargo del capitán de equipo, quien deberá acompañar copia del listado de inscripciones remitido. El arancel del torneo será de veinticinco pesos ($ 25) para las categorías mayores, de veinte pesos ($20) para las categorías G1, G2 y G3 y de diez pesos ($10) para las categorías G4 y G5.

Simultáneamente con el torneo oficial, se disputará el Trofeo Dardo Rocha por equipos.

Adjuntamos plano de acceso al Parque Ecológico.

Sin otro particular, saludamos a Uds. Atentamente

Jorge E. Cabrera
Sub Comisión de Tiro con Arco
Tiro federal La Plata

El torneo se dividirá en dos turnos según el siguiente listado:
TURNO MAÑANA:Recurvado Olímpico (Senior y Junior) Compuesto Libre Recurvado Olímpico cadete internacional
Recurvado Olímpico G1Compuesto Cazador con disparador
Compuesto libre G1.

Recurvado RasoCompuesto Cazador
Tradicional Recurvado Olímpico G2 ,G3,
Recurvado Raso G1, G2 y G3
Tradicional G2 y G3
Compuesto cazador G1Recurvado G4 y G5


Día sabado 12:

9 Hs. Pago de inscripción.

Turno Mañana:

10 Hs. Revisión de equipos y reunión de capitanes.

11 Hs. Inicio primera distancia con dos tiradas de práctica.

13 Hs. Inicio segunda distancia con dos tiradas de práctica.

Turno Tarde:

14 Hs. Revisión de equipos.

15 Hs. Inicio primera distancia con dos tiradas de práctica.
17 Hs. Inicio segunda distancia con dos tiradas de práctica.
Día domingo 13

Turno Mañana:

9 Hs. Inicio tercera distancia con dos tiradas de práctica.

11 Hs. Inicio cuarta distancia con una tirada de práctica.

Turno Tarde:

13 Hs. Inicio tercera distancia con dos tiradas de práctica.
15 Hs. Inicio cuarta distancia con una tirada de práctica.

17 Hs. Eliminatorias.

18:30 Hs. Premiación.

Más información y datos a la fecha: