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Editor Responsable: Prof. Dr. Guillermo E. Bahamonde

jueves, abril 14, 2005


As per FITA rules, the FITA Congress documents have been sent to all Member Associations and those ones are eligible to attend the Congress. The French version will be ready in the next weeks.

Official invitations with delegates’ registration forms and proxy forms have also been sent, the deadline to send them back to FITA being 17 May 2004.

It is reminded that following a bylaw decision made by FITA Council in December 2003,“Official FITA Proxy forms must be received in the FITA Office at least 30 days before the start of Congress. FITA will check the legality of the proxy which can be withdrawn by the MA giving the proxy if they attend Congress.”

Registration forms and proxy forms should be sent to FITA office. They are both available on the website, under the link Organisation/Congress/Madrid 2005/Forms.

However, all matters related to transport and accommodation should be addressed to the Madrid Organizing Committee (the booking form is available on the World Championships website under “Congress”).