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domingo, diciembre 11, 2005

DATOS DEL IFAA World Indoor Mail Match

IFAA World Indoor Mail Match 2006
PARTICIPATION: This worldwide Match is open to all non-professional archers!
Results: Click 2005 IMM for the 2005 Indoor Mail Match results.
2006 IMM results will be posted monthly from 15 February 2006.

The IFAA has accepted the formal policy that all participants must register before 06 February 2006, the date that the scores for Round One must be in. No late entries will be accepted !
Score submissions To be shot from 1 December 2005 through 31 March 2006. The Scores for Round One must be in the International Score Recorder’s possession not later that 06 February 2006, Round Two not later than 06 March 2006 and Round Three not later than 06 April 2006. The final results will be posted on the IFAA web site during April 2006.

Links to appropriate pages, are provided on this page. By using the provided Links, you will be taken to the page of your choice. Print out or download the REGISTRATION/SCORING page. This page is to be e-mailed as an attachment to the International Score Recorder at , together with proof of payment of the match fees, to accomplish your registration.

No registration will be accepted without proof of payment.
You may enter in more than one style !
Match Fees of AUD$14.00 (per entry) are payable to the IFAA account in Australia.
Banking details: Treasurer of the IFAA
Bank of Queensland Limited 14 Doon Street,
259 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, Australia Kallangur
Branch code: 124076 Queensland 4503,
Account number: 20059187 AUSTRALIA
Account Name: International Field Archery Association
Standard IFAA Indoor Round : For shooting and scoring rules, go to the W.I.A.C. rules page at this IFAA web site.
Principal rules to remember are:
Ø The arrow shaft must cut through the line to score the higher value
Ø Cubs now shoot at 10 yards.
Ø DIVISIONS:Four Divisions are recognized:
Veteran (age 55 and older)
Adult (age 17 and older)
Junior (age 13-16)
Cub (under age 13)

EQUIPMENT AND STYLES: All IFAA Styles are recognized. For specific rules, go to the EQUIPMENT rules page at this IFAA web site.
SEND SCORES To:The International Score Recorder