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sábado, noviembre 26, 2005

FITA NEWS 25-11-05

FITA opens 1st Training Center

25 November 2005

FITA is breaking new ground in the development of worldwide archery with the opening of its 1st International Training Center. It will open in January 2006 in Cairo (EGY) under the full time guidance of an expert coach, Mr KIM Jeong Ho from Korea.

The center will welcome archers and coaches from numerous countries for specialized training and coaching courses. This will help athletes of developing archery countries to reach the elite level and hopefully qualify for the next Olympic Games.

The location of the center in the Middle East Region, where archery is gaining ground, allows an easy access for archers from at least three continents : Asia, Africa and Europe.This long-term project is a major breakthrough for the FITA coaching and development program and FITA hopes to set new standards for archery in the world.

The Coach:Mr. KIM Jeong-Ho (KOR) is high level archery expert with a long experience with the World and Olympic Champion Korean national team. He will start working from January 1, 2006.Mr. KIM is a 50 years old licensed Physical Education Teacher.

He started archery in 1972. He has been an elite archer and member of many company teams in the Korean league. Mr. KIM started coaching in 1982; he has coached at the following levels University, Provincial, and National.

His student have won several National and international events and records.Mr. KIM Jeong-Ho has written 2 books, included the “The Development of Pre-shooting routines program for Elite archers before competition” (2003). He has also conducted some researches such as “The Electromyogram Analysis on the major muscles” on the basis of comparison & muscle differences between the superior & inferior players. Mr. KIM is married and has 3 children, two daughters and one son.

The Center:In Gizira city, very close to the Cairo district, a field has recently been allocated to archery inside a multi-sport complex located in an Embassy and Consulate neighborhood. The range of the field makes it possible to host official tournaments. Many sports services are available on this Sport complex which is under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sports, who will build a 5 room building behind the shooting line.

Due to the Mediterranean climate, no Indoor hall is required.

Since Cairo is a touristic city, flight connections are available from anywhere at competitive airfare. The airport is only 30 minutes away from the Sport complex with an easy transfer by bus.Accommodation.Just beside the Sport complex there is a new building which is also under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sport.

This is the Youth Leader Training Center with 21 bedrooms. The center offers languages and computer courses, meeting facilities, food services, laundry, sport library, Press conference room, etc…

An office will be reserved there for Mr. Kim as wellAll countries, especially these in the Middle East, are invited to start scheduling their attendance to the 1st FITA Training Center.

Further information on this center and registration process are available from the FITA Development and Training Director, Mr. Pascal COLMAIRE:

Didier Miéville
FITA Communication