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sábado, noviembre 12, 2005

FITA NEWS - 10/11/2005

India, China on the rise

India, China on the rise Korea still gets the stronger medals’ share of the Asian Championships.

New Dehli, November 10th, 2005. The 14th Asian Championships in New Dehli (IND) concluded with the team finals and an astonishing upset. In front of an excited crowd, the Chinese women’s recurve team defeated the Korean giant favourites in a breathtaking final. The final score: 237 points for China – 236 points for Korea ! India confirmed its progress taking the bronze medal.The team finals were all shot with the usual head to head match on a 3-3-3 format. The team has 3 archers shooting 3 ends of arrows. Each arrow can bring a maximum of 10 points.

No surprise in the men’s recurve team competition: although the Indian fans cheered as much as they could, the home team could not surpass the Korean powerhouse. Korea won with 251 pts over 243 pts for India. Chinese Taipei took the bronze medal match against Japan.

The men’s team compound division confirmed the raising strength of India. Its archers shot a good 246 pts to take the title before China and Thailand. The Indian coach Sanjiv Singh said: “This result is a great sign of all the improvements in our compound program. We only began one year ago, but our archers start shooting consistently 28-29 points out of three arrows. The support of the home fans was superb for us, although it made the archers feel the pressure. It is good for them to get experience at a high level atmosphere. Our women’s team is getting among the top in the world as well, but they could not compete here due to the lack of competition. Overall, archery is getting big in India and we do a lot with the school kids in the region, setting up low cost programs.â€

Altogether 24 nations and more than 200 archers took part in these Asian Championships, including a nice presence from Iraq.

Korea dominates individual events

In the men’s individual recurve division Im Dong Hyun (KOR) shot an excellent 118 (out of a possible 120 pts for 12 arrows) to take the gold ! He beat his teammate Kim Bo Ram in the final, while Park Kyung Mo completed a Korean “hat trick”. Cheng Wei Kuo (TPE), the winner of the last Universiade in Turkey took the 4th place.

Their women’s counterpart equaled the exploit. The Koreans dominated the field and trusted the podium. The Olympic Champion Park Sung Hyun (KOR) defeated Yun Ok Hee in a close final (110 to 109). The 2003 World Champion Yun Mi Jin took the bronze.

Shuo Cai brought another gold medal to China in these Asian Championship. In a close men’s individual compound final, he defeated Zamaninejad Reza (IRI) with a one point margin. The home favourites Kumar Vivek and Damor Naresch (IND) played each other for the bronze, with the victory being for Kumar.

The Indian compound women team took the 4th place at the last World Championships and they confirmed their giant improvements in the individual event in New Dehli. Handsdah Jhanu won, preceding Sakro Besra and Dhar Bansaralin. An Indian “hat trick" !
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