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sábado, noviembre 19, 2005

November 16, 2005 - Lausanne, Switzerland

FITA Star 1400 for Park

At the occasion of the 2005 Asian Continental Championships in New Dehli, FITA President Dr. Erdener personally gave the FITA Star 1400 to Park Sung Hyun (KOR).

Park put the world record at an astonishing 1405 pts during a FITA round in a Korean tournament, beating her previous mark of 1388. She was the first recurve archer to break the barrier of 1400 pts. “I am honored to receive this FITA Star from the President Erdener, but I sincerely hope that many more archers will also surpass the 1400 mark soon”, she said.

The men’s recurve world record holder is Oh Kyo Moon (KOR) with 1379 pts. However their round is more difficult, as the men must shoot at 90m targets.

In the women’s compound division, the world record is held by Mary Zorn (USA) with 1401 pts, and in the men’s compound, Roger Hoyle (USA) reached 1414 pts!