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domingo, enero 08, 2006


At the dawn of 2006, FITA is proud to reveal its logo for the new Outdoor Target Archery World Cup:

This logo was designed by the printing arts department at Hacettepe University in Turkey and was inspired by the colors of an archery target. Combining simplicity with modernity, the circles of this logo symbolize the world, the unity and the parabolic curves of archery.The four arrows around the sphere represent the four qualifying stages of the 2006 World Cup (Porec, Antalya, San Salvador and Shanghai) whereas the fifth arrow pinpoints the middle and shows the goal of every archer: the Grand Final in Merida.The logo can be combined with the name of the respective title sponsor for the event and the World Cup.This logo officially launches the promotional campaign of the 2006 Outdoor Target Archery World Cup!